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Railway Station and Parcel Information Management System Yan Feng Technology luggage room for the operation of the railway station and the management process design and development. The system uses Microsoft Windws 2000 operating system, SQL Server 2000 large databases. Luggage room in the daily operations it provides a good networking platform for luggage office of scientific management to provide a new means to improve service quality for the luggage office, to share resources and information on public and enhance the building of the station's information play an important role.
System function
1, line packs votes
Parcel ticket system main function (line package) system, votes, ballots, invalid ballots and delete votes processing, transport point of treatment. Including mileage calculation billing
Second, the delivery
Parcel delivery of the main function entry, and more / fewer pieces of processing, transit handling, baggage and parcel delivery, registered mail delivery, inspection burden inspection, change the transport, such as overdue library transfer
Third, take car
Main function is connected to cars, car entry, car access statistics.
4, transaction processing
The main function of transaction processing for customers handling of the objection, cable processing, reporting statistical treatment, daily treatment.
5, Statistics
Statistics for the line of the main functions, including traffic statistics, the group votes in statistics, data conversion, financial statements 4
6, the query
Query main function is the starting-line pack up and check, check rates, station name inquiry, name inquiry, trips inquiries, telegraph inquiries, registered mail inquiries. Ways to search for: telephone inquiries, web query, Touching Screen Query, mobile phone information interaction
7, the customer
Customer main function for the customer input, customer demographics, customer inquiries, etc., mainly large luggage room better grasp the importance of customer information to facilitate communication and exchange
8, system maintenance
The main function of system maintenance staff maintenance, customer maintenance, notebook maintenance, station name maintenance, stop / limit to do maintenance, name maintenance, packaging maintenance and so on.
First, software architecture
顥?顥?Parcel Information Management System is a typical database-based client / server architecture model of the system. In this structural model, the database server for the client application to provide services that include inquiry, update, transaction management, indexing, caching, query optimization, security management, and multi-user concurrent access control.
Second, network operations
顥?顥?using Windows NT 4.0 Server, and Windows98 is a good combination. That more than 32 tasks, multi-threaded network operating system has good portability and scalability, but also has wide compatibility, supporting the existing file system (FAT, HPFS, CDFS, NTFS); use of advanced client / server model, distributed computing support; security to the provisions of the U.S. government's C2-level security standards; network throughput has increased significantly; in the Internet / Intranet, the built-in WWW browser, Internet Explorer, Internet e-mail client Mail and newsgroups reader Internet News, for publishing WWW services; and provide a variety of network interfaces, it can be connected to different networks, and interact with different computers. The most direct reason is that the user is familiar with the Windows user interface, easy to install, easy to use, its application is quite extensive, more suited to the needs of customers running package system.
Third, the network database
顥?顥?select SQL 2000 SERVER the database is a high-performance, multi-user, relational database management, database enables interconnection between the network environment, interoperability, fault tolerance with data, integrity checking, and security functions, so that the whole network database is more reasonable.
Fourth, the link associated point
顥?顥?mainly because of the associated line of private rooms of the subordinate point of geographically dispersed, far from the station line of private rooms, access to the station network management center is a difficult problem. Associated need for comprehensive consideration of the amount of data points is not and the price of leasing private circuits factors, we are using dial-up access, or by dialing the use of telephone lines for data transfer. Its costs low, economically feasible.
5, system structure



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